Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Village

We build and develop our village
On a history of bloodiness and restlessness
We are farmers ploughing the rise-fields
We are fishermen ploughing the wide seas
Though we are poor
We will develop the village
Throughout the land.

And our village made of brilliant glass
Our village has a crystal clear river
There are the famous from amongst us
Wisely promoting for the good of many
Our village are peopled by civilised beings
Sophisticated in every way.

We build and develop our village
Among the trees in the jungle
among birds and animals
our children grow into perfect beings
Our village is inhibited by the famous
Who value the jewel of life
And we will continue
to build our village
in all corners of the land
to attain glory.

So that's how it goes;
A story about our village
One decade after the year of the vision
lost in the mega-cities.

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