Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Story From Rumah Geruna V

Sometimes land has a different meaning
when it is just emptiness into afar
right into the horizon and the dark night
we stand shy among pillars of the grave.

That land will always be a waste frontier
and even at time of hate its desire
to tell stories about the leaves of trees
during the prolong drought
where millions fall down to the earth and rot
trying to build back the planet green.

Sometimes our life are interpreted
in many wrong ways
to the leaves that go back to the earth
trying to build on the life cycle
and the journey into the dense forest
building human civilisation.

Sometimes when we are lonely
we lose tracks of the good of time
because the earth and the green jungle
will one day build a new civilisation
to those heart who loves life
the good earth will never be wrong.

And sometimes we will always forget
when our sincerity is given a different meaning.


Gold Arawana said...

Diharapkan agar penceritaan puisi Tuan akan difahami oleh masyarakat. Supaya kekesalan terhadap kekejaman alam sekitar tidak terlambat untuk diperbaiki.

Dinasour pupus kerana tidak mahu berubah? It just a joke, but sometime I am thinking on it....and maybe its true..

Hipani Alwi said...

Terima kasih. In the Western World EIA is for real. Ours need to copy the real one. Development need to full steam ahead but with care for environment in mind.